I have had significant shoulder problems for over a year. After several cortisone shots and physical therapy, I made the decision with my doctor to schedule surgery. While awaiting my surgery, on a whim, I decided to try the Zen Shiatsu and Herb services of Thomas Schieffer. The results have been pleasantly surprising. After 4 sessions, most of the pain in my shoulder was gone. I also have greater range of motion. At this time, I am continuing with my sessions and have canceled my surgery. While I am not 100% yet and my shoulder is still uncomfortable at times, I feel optimistic about the potential of avoiding surgery altogether. -Toni


His vast knowledge of herbs is coupled with his astute application of how to implement a treatment that is right for you. What I was impressed with the most was his ability to uniquely design a plan that was designed just for me by first carefully and clearly understanding my needs.  He questions but most importantly, he listens. Thank you Thomas!

Edward PhilbrookDirector of Sales - Voice. Data. Internet. Cloud

Especially as a much needed support to the Valley’s busy Moms!!

When I came to Thomas for my first treatment I arrived a scattered, tattered, mom mess. I hadn’t been sleeping well due to the family bed that usually gives me so much joy. I was overwhelmed and only focusing on the stressful pieces of being a local business owner. I had lost the excitement, thrill and gratitude I once held for my thriving business!

With one shiatsu treatment and a Chinese Herbal Supplement this man transformed me back to the amazing woman I know myself to be. His shiatsu was thorough and focused, with a depth that unlocked years of stress accumulation.

The emotions released with this treatment surprised me, but Thomas weathered them like a pro, never allowing me to feel shy or shame. Rather he encouraged me to weep when I needed to weep and find my own strength where I knew it to be. “Oh yeah thats where I left that!” He encourages me to take the time I need to improve my daily self care with gentle and nonjudgmental reminders of what I know to be the best way to take care of me. Reminding me of what I know rather than lecturing me on what I “should” do, as I have experienced with other practitioners.

The herbal blend he recommended instantly took the stifling load of stress I was carrying and created a safe distance from which things were more easily resolved.

As a life long valley resident, who has worked with over a dozen Traditional Healers over the years I would highly recommend Thomas! He is a “must-see”!!

Keely, Greenfield MA

On Friday September 29th. 2014 I experienced a rare treat … a Shiatsu session with Thomas Schieffer. I’ve been in the nontraditional (in the west at least) friendly valley for many years so I’d heard of Shiatsu many times while managing to keep completely blank on what it really was.

Thomas educated me up with clear. urn-pretentious explanations and most dramatically with the Shiatsu session itself. In a nutshell he described Shiatsu as Acupuncture without the needles. I have worked with acupuncturists to great effect so I was immediatelycurious. Again in a nutshell Shiatsu works and Thomas -at least to me- is a master of it. Over an hour session he un-locked nuts of tension – helped my spirit to breathe and left me feeling better than I have in a long time.

There seemed no part of my being that did not receive some positive effect from our session. At all times I could feel his expertise and confidence and at no point -even when working with long suffering areas- did he ever push me past where my mind or body we’re willing to go, he seemed to have a strong intuitive sense of just how much of what he was doing was enough.

This is a strong word and I thought for a while as to whether I should use it or not but in the end I feel my session with Thomas was profound.

I look forward with great anticipation to our next session.

Thank you most sincerely, Robert
p.s. That dance I told you about, for later that evening … haven’t danced that well in ages, co-incidence … I think not.

Robert Engman15 Orchard Street, Easthampton, MA 01027 . 413.527.8046

The exercise as well as work is rough on my legs, arms and back and they need help recovering. Thomas’ massages over the years have really helped with the recovery from soreness due to injuries. I try to come in as often as possible and usually make it at least twice a month. The environment is so peaceful, it is like taking a vacation from the stress and soreness of everyday life.

Sometimes I talk and other times I am quiet, depending on the mood I am in. Thomas is able to use deep pressure on the areas that I need it, and lighter pressure on other areas. I would not be able to keep up the high level of my adventurous lifestyle without Thomas’ help.


Thomas, I feel sadness (grief actually) that Thursday was your last day at 17. I’ve been enjoying my weekly sessions with you. Your hands are magic. I have felt so energized after our sessions. You so quickly find the areas where my ‘energy’ is blocked. I’m going to start working with John in the next couple of weeks. Having a skilled practitioner down the hall from my office is… heaven. I’m thinking of letting him coach me…. if he smiles a little more. Of course, given my rep, he may refuse this engagement.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that we cured my plantar fascitis in about 72 hours with massage, herbs and stretching exercises. My pain levels for the 24 hours before I saw you were around a 7 every time I stood up. It was good that I knew (from Michele) that the key to dealing with fascitis is to work on an area of tension away from the pain site.

Good luck on ‘focusing’ your practice and your work. All of us need to do this. As we have discussed…. major changes in the economy may be on the way soon.  I’ll come see you in Northampton.



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