Individual Sessions

Each individual session you get a choice between;
1) Combination of Herbal Consultation and Zen Shiatsu
2) Herbal Consultation
3) Zen Shiatsu

I will be happy to help you decide if there is any confusion.


Herbal Consultation

Stick-thingEach consultation involves a question and answer, along with pulse diagnosis and tongue analysis for further insight and confirmation.

The initial intake also involves an in-depth inquiry of your life history, giving me a complete picture of your long-term health, from which I can better understand the root causes of health imbalance in your life. The main focus is to help you find vitality through lifestyle changes and herbal remedies rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I may also use Qigong and yoga exercise. After each consultation you will leave with specific insight and tools for better health.

Acute symptoms– 30min session
Recommended- min. 3 session

Chronic symptoms– 1hour initial and 30 min follow-up
Recommended- min. 1 Initial and 3 follow-ups


Zen Shiatsu

zen shiatsuZen Shiatsu is a type of bodywork, like massage, but where you stay fully clothed and lie on a comfortable mat on the floor.

I will guide you through a series of postures and body movements, with palming and finger pressing to open and release the pain and discomfort in your muscles and joints.

This process will give you profound healing, allowing your owns body’s innate ability to heal and re-balance.

Recommend Treatment:
Acute symptoms
– 4 session in 4 weeks

Chronic symptoms– 8 sessions in 12 weeks = 4 sessions in first 4 weeks, then 4 sessions over the remaining 8 weeks

Practicing Shiatsu bodywork in Bozeman, Mt

Shiatsu Bodywork in Bozeman, MT